The hydraulic theory of magma

Hamid Sadeghipour


Some two weeks ago I heard the news about Alberta State of Canada. I hear the news that it is continued and now is spreading in Saskatchewan State. Let us see what is happening around the world. The price of petroleum or oil is coming down and it seems it is staying around the same present price. Production goes down because it is not worth to produce. In 1929 there was a draught in Saskatchewan and a famous movie under the same name. But, petroleum production retarded the cycle. There is a theory on magma wells published some 20 years ago. If magma goes up in some well it comes down in the neighborhood well. The magma move is a hydraulic action. In the magma ocean under the crust and plastic layer, a pressure in some point is spreading all over the magma ocean. If it finds some outpouring hole, it erupt or goes up. Before our age or 20 century the volcanoes eruptions were determining for draught and woods fires. Now, we have the Iceland hydroelectric installations or Saudi Arabia insisting on retaining oil and gas production steadily. By hazard I watched a movie in Iranian TV on land sinking in Fars province the producer was saying it is due to water action. What happens if it is due to petroleum and gas production? We are all related to each other and we have to solve our problem together. One day it is in Alberta, another day somewhere else. Use information for solving your problem and not a polemic or conflict. It might be late for someone.