Recent Earthquakes of Japan and Ecuador 19 April 2016

Hamid Sadeghipour


As you follow, every day, the earthquakes events around the world, you can see there are the continental tectonics pressures everywhere. The recent earthquakes near Gibraltar, Tanzania region, some in Iran and neighbor countries, Greece, recent earthquake of Greenland and south of Japan or North West of Ecuador. Some four weak earthquakes that occurred recently with some special characteristics of being on the corners of a trapeze, that later made a rotation of 30 degree!! Clockwise, located in the west to central USA from California to Nebraska and Oklahoma. What all that mean? Does it mean there are pressures to push African tectonics continent toward North West? Intersecting the part of Atlantic Ocean from the Atlantic ridge pushing toward east. We see the pressure over American continent from western part of Atlantic ridge by Greenland and in his turn a rotation toward South America causing Ecuador earthquake and toward the center of Pacific Ocean, by the shape of Pacific deep trenches, toward the south of Japan and in some other part, the African continent.

It is possible there is an international organization to survey the interactions between tectonics continents. Anyhow, we can simulate these continents movements by what happens and what would happen to predict this behavior. Besides, everywhere you see a strong earthquake or a swarm of earthquakes, try to build or construct a wall or installation, a foundation for future construction for reinforcing the existing structure against the weight of the mountain that is increasing and soon or late collapse. You can survey the wall of the building to watch for a precursor of another earthquake.