Cosmic Rays and Solar Systems

Hamid Sadeghipour


Each action has a reaction according to classical physics. Please, suppose a billiards table with all the ball in a triangle shape to begin. You hit the balls and you see the balls in a spreading shape. Therefore, each action changes the state of a system. This is quantum physics. Let me take a simple complex number, it has two components: a+bi and a-bi. Their multiplication is “a to power of 2” + “b to power of 2” a real number, we can take equal to speed of light to power of two. And if you take “a” and “b” as sin and cos, it is equal to one. Two complex number give a real number. If you take them over coordinates, they points to two points. But their multiplication is over “a” axis. A convolution sending you to a point. The action and reaction turn you to a reality. Please, suppose the “a” is an electric field and “b” the magnetic field. Small electric field gives you great magnetic field and vice versa. Please, suppose! We are not discussing the conditions. Well, let me take a more complicated complex number: (a+bi+cj), (a+bi-cj), (a-bi+cj) and (a-bi-cj). Please, take I and j as sub-indexes for b and c. If you multiply them and simple them you arrive to (“a” to power of two+ “b” to power of two – “c” to power two) to power of two. If you take “a” to power of 2” + “b to power of 2”= “c” to power of two. Then, the term: (“a” to power of two+ “b” to power of two – “c” to power two) to power of two is equal zero. There is no other field present in our action and reaction. When you have a great field like gravity on the earth, the other field is small. Anything fall on the earth, please, don’t complicate it. I began with the alarm of over the increase of cosmic rays in the recent year. Of course, the 13 years solar activity! Curve, we return on this later, is reaching the bottom. Therefore we are on the declination of solar activities and it is natural the cosmic rays show a linear increase as we have a nearly linear decrease of solar activity. What I mentioned in the beginning is that human action has some consequences and we cannot do as much as we have our forces. We must know we are changing some state and we will find a new state. We hear too much on the conversation of the environment but some are only a pretext to our own benefit on changing the situation. We should be scientific and not a scientific army to change the nature on our own behalf. The solar system is between two other systems. Please, look to our galaxy, and suppose at least. It seems to me galaxy is expanding, like all the nations with their economic expansions and we see too much conflict. God bless us. The galaxy expands, our three solar systems separate from each other, and we see a cooler solar system. Are we going toward a cooler system? The shielding according the three more separated systems reduces. The cosmic rays penetrate more and you know the risk of radiations. Therefore, we should increase some greater particle in our atmosphere. Using the home filtering systems and leave atmosphere with some greater particle. This needs some scientific research. Another action might be to send rockets toward the sun to push it more near the bigger sun of three systems. Please, it is not a reason for North Korea, USA, or Europe to increase the taxes and begin an arms production race. It needs international effort and comprehension. It is your destiny, and I wish you a very happy new solar year, prosperous, with plenty of health and wealth.