The recent Greece eartquakes



Hamid Sadeghipour


The recent earthquakes of Greece shows several arcs, each arc containing some earthquakes. A good example of arc is the Aleutian arc in the north pacific. In the history of tectonics we see that Greece is a part of the Europe. But as I see the natural map of the world, there is a gap between the northern part and southern part of the Asia as I mentioned in my article on Katmandu earthquake. The separation of these two parts might have several reasons. One is pushing of India and Arabian plate toward the north. The other is explosions of eastern volcanoes of Asia, and the other famous asteroid hitting Mexico some 65 million years ago and volcanoes of Italy and even Greece with extinct volcanoes. Greece was attached to Africa and pushed toward Europe and hitting Europe? The same manner southern part of India moved from east Africa toward northern part? To find a solution it is necessary to define the problem correctly. If Greece moved toward Europe, it lost the upper part of the land covering it and all precipitated on the sea. It seems to me that under sediments on the coasts of Greece there are pieces of a puzzle. Not only African plate goes under European plate, but these small broken pieces, by their manifestation of earthquakes on the arcs, go under or over each other. Another point to mention is they are showing by the direction of their arc the direction of forces acting on them.Some people say the weak volcanic activities is the cause of these earthquakes. One reason is warmer southern hemisphere and its expansion. The other is the position of planets, sun and the moon together in the sky. You can cool the soil by digging wells and aeration of them, but we are near the winter? another aspect: Movement of the India toward the north and the recent earthquake of Kirghizstan. Warm Western Europe and storm in Washington State of USA, showing mid- Atlantic activities to warm southern europe, for example France and ending warm period of western USA? Ending Elnino somewhere and beginning elsewhere? What is Elnino? Taking naval warships, bombarding Syria, or Yemen! Do change the air and sea currents? Changing the way to the ships and to humans? We have enough economic problems and some people try to increase the cost. Today is Greece, tomorrow somewhere else. Greece can construct an artificial Island like Dubai in this region beside the cooling action to control the movement.