The North and South Hemisphere in 2009 and other articles of 2009

Hamid Sadeghipour                                                      12.12.2009 While the winter is near in Northern Hemisphere, the summer is near in Southern Hemisphere. The heat increases specially in equator and affects magma convection toward South Pole. I proposed in my last articles you can dig wells to release heat. I explain some other aspects to clear this subject. I … [Read more…]

The planets on October 2009

Hamid Sadeghipour              Date: 02.10.2009 Due to the presence of the moon and Jupiter, nearly side by side, during last week in the night sky, the recent strong earthquakes of Indonesia and Samoa were expected. Even some American experts relate Sierra earthquakes in North America to Samoa earthquakes. You can see on the world natural … [Read more…]